At Payhawk we try to simplify your pre-accounting processes as much as we can and that’s why we created the DATEV export for Belegtransfer. If you would like this feature please let us know so we can enable it on our side.

Please remember: 

  • DATEV export is available for all our Germany-based customers

  • To export expenses to DATEV they need to have a document date and a set total amount

  • We always export the expense image with the expense data

  • We export only settled card transactions

  • When possible, we’ll fill your BU data the following way:
                  - BU 9 if the VAT is 19%
                    - BU 7 if the VAT is 16%
                    - BU 8 if the VAT is 7%

  • You will receive a zip-file containing three different document types:
          - Expense images in the format you’ve uploaded them
                    - An XML description file for every exported expense
                    - An administration XML linking the above two together

  • DATEV sets limits to the size of the import files. We have optimized the file size for faster import. This might lead to you downloading multiple zip-files.

How to Export data from Payhawk to DATEV: 

  • Log into your Payhawk web account

  • On the right-hand side menu click on Export

  • Select the period (today, yesterday, last week, last month) or select a date range

  • Click on Export to and select DATEV

  • The download starts directly in the browser. Depending on the number of expenses you are exporting, it might take a few moments. 

In DATEV, you can now import all your Payhawk expenses, like you usually do, via your regular DATEV XML online. If it is the first time for you working with DATEV XML online and its "Belegtransfer", you can find a detailed How-to-Guide in the official DATEV help desk.

More questions? Feel free to ping us on Intercom.

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