Here's a short walkthrough on how to upload expenses. :)

First of all the cool things about using Payhawk web app to upload expenses is that you can upload one expense or several at the same time! 

When you create an expense in Payhawk you can select between 6 types depending on the source of funding:

  • Bank transfer: Due or paid bill, from Payhawk or an external bank

  • Company cash: Expenses paid with company funds

  • Reimbursement: Expenses paid with personal funds

  • Mileage: Expenses for traveling with own vehicle

  • Per Diem: Expenses for a business trip

  • Import Cash in advance: Bulk import expense records for cash in advance

Follow these simple steps to upload expenses: 

  • Log into your Payhawk web account

  • Click on the Expenses tab

  • Select the plus symbol on the top left

  • Select the type of expense (Bank transfer, Company cash, Reimbursement, Mileage, Per Diem or Import Cash in advance )

  • Click on browse files and you can add up to 100 files at a time

  • Once the expense is uploaded you can edit the information of the expense

Upload documents for Card payments

Card payments are automatically created as Expenses in the Payhawk system. You can upload a document to the corresponding expense via the web portal afterwards.

  • Go to the menu Expenses

  • If the document symbol next to the expense is grey, it means that currently there is no document uploaded for this expense

  • Click on „Upload" and choose the corresponding document from your computer

  • Once the expense is uploaded you can edit the information of the expense

Alternatively, you can use our smart Payhawk Receipts Mailbox and send an e-mail with a receipt for already paid expenses to paid@payhawk.me. The receipt will be automatically assigned to the corresponding expense.

More questions? Feel free to ping us on Intercom.

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