We are super excited to have you on board. I know the application process is not fun but now we are ready to make your life easier managing your business expenses. Please see below a quick start guide to use our web platform and our mobile app.

You have received an email from the customer success team and the system saying your account was approved. Now let's load funds, invite your team members, and issue cards.

  1. Load funds to your Payhawk wallet

  2. Download the Payhawk mobile app

  3. Invite your team members to Payhawk

  4. Issue virtual and physical cards

  5. Use your Payhawk card

  6. Manage expenses

  7. Export expenses

  8. Enable fund requests

  9. Enable card policies (spend policies)

  10. Synchronize your Payhawk account with your accounting software

  11. Automate data entry with our pre-accounting feature

  12. Set you approval workflows

  13. Set your expenses categories and custom fields

  14. Manage your teams

  15. Manage your Payhawk subscription

If you need any help setting up just ping us on Intercom!

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