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Now it's time to start issuing cards for your team. Before you issue the first card we want to explain a couple of options you have:

Type of cards you can issue:

  • Virtual cards for online payments.

  • Physical or plastic cards for everything else. Remember if you have Visa cards your cards will be only sent to your company address.

Card currency:

If you have different currencies in your wallet remember you can issue cards in each of those currencies. This is great as you will reduce your costs on FX rates. If you want to know more about the card fees, look into Visa cards Terms or MasterCard terms.

Card limits:

  • Stand-alone limit: set a monthly recurring limit for the card.

  • Company policy: include the card into a predefined spend policy (only for Premium and Enterprise Plans)

Allow ATM cash withdrawals:

You can allow cards to be also used in ATMs. This is super useful if you need to reimburse your team if they incur expenses that they pay with their personal funds.

The expiration date of the cards:

  • 2 years from issuance date for MasterCard

  • 4 years from issuance date for Visa

Where can you use Payhawk cards?

Payhawk cards are accepted at any merchant that accepts Visa or MasterCard. Please read the Payhawk terms here if you are thinking of using the cards for Restricted Activities.

More questions? Feel free to ping us on Intercom.

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