Sometimes we receive urgent calls from customers who see expenses "paid" in the web portal but these do not appear in the expense report. This is because we only export settled transactions. You can read more about that in this article.

Here you will find information on where to find the information on each transaction. You can learn the difference between authorized and settled payments.

How to check the stage of your transaction?

  • Log in to the Payhawk web portal

  • Click on "Expenses" in the right-hand side menu

  • Select the expense you want to check

  • Go to the card icon next to the Mark as Review button

  • Read the transaction information - here you can see whether the card transaction is authorized or settled (paid)


Payhawk card settled transaction

What is the difference between authorized and settled?

There is no actual transfer of money when you pay with your card. There is only an AUTHORIZATION. The system verifies the identity of the cardholder, the authenticity of the card, and the availability of funds at the time of purchase. If everything checks out, an imaginary hold is placed on the card. It reservers the amount of money for this payment.

The SETTLEMENT occurs when the money moves from your card to the merchant’s account. Depending on the merchant's system, this process could take up to 14 days.

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