Payhawk pre-accounting serves as an automated helper, saving time and effort on your accountants. In many cases, the Tax amount that is written on the document is not the actual amount your company can claim.

With Payhawk VAT Rates, you can define custom VAT Rates or import them from a connected accounting integration. These rates will be automatically suggested to your expenses and will be exported in external systems and reports.

In order to enable VAT Rates follow these steps

  • Make sure Pre-accounting is enabled. Find out more here.

  • Go to Settings

  • Choose Pre-accounting

  • Enable the VAT Rates through the toggle

Configuring a new VAT Rate takes only a couple clicks:

  • Select Add Rate

  • Add a VAT name

  • Add a VAT code

  • Add a VAT rate %

By selecting an existing VAT Rate you can edit or delete it.

Once you have your VAT Rates set up, you can start using them. 😊

All of your selected VAT Rates will appear on your Expenses screen. When a new expense is created, it will use the default VAT rate from the expense category. In the categories, you can set default VAT rates.

Let us know if you have any questions in the chat! 💳

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