Once you have connected Payhawk to Datev, all your expenses will be automatically exported to Datev Cloud Services (Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0) in real time after being Reviewed.

If you want to see your expenses, you can do that in Datev Unternehmen Online by going to Übersicht --> Startseite Belege --> Belegübersicht --> Belegablage.

Automatically, there is a folder created under Belegablage, which is named "IMPORT *YEAR* RE" where all expenses get uploaded. The expenses are organised further in subfolders named with the respective month of the document date - e.g., "08 August".

By clicking on a folder, you will see a list of the corresponding expenses and related information. You can find out here what information is shared between Payhawk and Datev. When selecting an expense, you can also see the attached document.

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