Whether your company uses an approval for card, bank, or reimbursable expenses,

sometimes, the back and forth communication between employees and approvers is inevitable.

This is mainly because employees would:

  • input wrong information for the expense

  • forget to input important information needed for the accounting team

  • attach the wrong document

  • submit an attachment that is not clearly visible

Approvers and Accountants can now easily return expense requests once they spot any of the above and ask for additional employee input.

Returning an expense as an Approver

As an approver, you will be receiving all expense requests in your Inbox.

  • In order to return an expense request, first, go to your Inbox and select a request that you would like to return.

  • Press Decline.

  • A flyout will appear where you can choose between rejecting the expense or returning it to the employee for additional input.

  • Once you input the note, press Return:

Returning an expense as an Accountant

Sometimes, an accountant who is not part of the approval flow needs additional information from the employee. That's why they can also return expenses directly from the expense screen.

To do that, they need to:

  • Navigate to the 3dotted menu on the expense

  • Click on Return:

  • A similar flyout will appear asking for the reason for their return:

Once an expense is returned, each role can see the return message and who returned it on the expense itself:

Once an expense is returned, employees get notified and can resubmit the expense for approval.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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