As an employee that spends out of your pocket and submit reimbursements, you can easily view what's owed to you by the company you work in.

Here's how to find it in the portal:

  1. Log in the Payhawk Portal

  2. Go to expenses app

  3. Navigate to the dropdown in the top left corner

4. Select the Owed to you filter

Here's how you can find it on the mobile:

  1. Log in the Payhawk mobile app

  2. Select the Filter in the top right corner

  3. Choose the Owed to you filter

You can now see all reimbursements that you have submitted but they haven't been paid yet.

Once a reimbursement is paid, you will receive a notification on your mobile device.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via the chat icon in the bottom left corner.

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