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Subscriptions are one of the worst expenses to keep track. Payhawk does all the heavy lifting for you by making sure it flags which payments are recurring.

Payhawk has multiple strategies for finding subscriptions in your expenses:

  1. When a new expense is created, Payhawk goes through your expense feed and looks if this expense is recurring (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

  2. Payhawk has a database of suppliers which are identified as subscription suppliers. Whenever an expense appears from such a supplier, the system would automatically recommend that this is likely to be a recurring payment.

  3. On top of the previous 2 strategies, Payhawk also looks for user input that may indicate that this is a recurring payment.

Whenever a new subscription is detected, Payhawk will display a banner prompting everyone who sees the expense to take either confirm it as a subscription or flag that it's not.

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