You manage your credit cards in the same way you manage your debit cards. The only difference is that during card issuance you have to link your card/ team card to a credit account instead of a debit account.

You already have debit cards, should you issue new cards?

The answer is no. We have made the transition between an existing debit account to a credit account very easy!

Instead of issuing new cards, an administrator can choose to make an existing debit card a credit one. Here is an overview of how to do that.

How can you distinguish your credit from debit cards?

If you have already issued debit cards, it will be very important for you to be able to differentiate easily between your credit and your debit cards.

We have a solution for that. On the Cards screen, you will see the label "Credit" or "Debit" before the card's last 4 digits. Thus you will know which card is debit and which credit.

Also in the card details, there is a tag Credit/ Debit which shows whether the card is credit or debit, respectively.

You can easily search for your credit or debit cards by typing "credit" or "debit" in the search field.

In addition, in the mobile app you will see the label CREDIT or DEBIT on the cards screen so that as a cardholder you know what type of card you have.

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