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Warning and error messages for supplier management
Warning and error messages for supplier management

Learn the meaning of all warning and error messages, and how to resolve them.

Written by Borislav Deyanov
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In different stages and scenarios related to suppliers, Payhawk displays warning or error messages. This article lists the most common ones.

Add supplier to your account

This warning appears to Payhawk accountants and administrators and indicates that the supplier for a submitted expense is not in the Suppliers app. To resolve the issue, add the new supplier.

Mark [supplier-name] as new supplier

The warning is displayed to employees when they upload an expense and the supplier is not recognized and treated as new. To resolve the issue, the employee has to mark the supplier as new. Only Payhawk accountants and administrators will be able to add it to the supplier database in the Suppliers app.​

Outdated supplier payment details

The warning indicates that in the meantime, the supplier payment details have been updated from the Suppliers app or an employee has filled in details that are different from the ones specified in the Suppliers app. To resolve the issue, compare the confirmed and updated details and select which will be used for the payment.

A similar warning message will appear if changes in the payment details have been made recently.

​The supplier payment details do not match the currency of this expense

​To resolve the error, either update the currency of the supplier to match the currency of the expense or change the currency of the supplier from Suppliers > Details.

The selected supplier does not exist anymore

​This error message indicates that the supplier for whom you’re trying to provide the payment details no longer exists. To resolve the issue, return the expense for review, either create a new supplier or select an existing one, and mark the expense as reviewed.

A supplier exists with the same tax number

This error message indicates that there is a clash between the data you’re trying to save for a new supplier because it exists and is associated with another supplier that is already saved in your supplier list. To resolve this issue, double-check if the tax number is correctly inputted for the supplier you’re trying to add and review the old supplier associated with this tax number to verify whether the number is correctly filled in.

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