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Views and filters for purchase orders
Views and filters for purchase orders

How can I filter company purchase orders by category, submitter, supplier, approval status, and other criteria?

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You can quickly and easily filter purchase orders at your company from the Purchases app by using the built-in views and available filters as per supplier, category, custom field, and more.

Default views for purchase orders

Depending on employees' roles, the Purchases app provides the following default views:

  • All employees can use the My purchases default view to select only the purchase orders they've submitted.

  • In addition to My purchases, Team managers can access the default My team purchases default view to select the purchase orders submitted by their teams.

  • In addition to My purchases, Payhawk accountants and administrators can use the Company purchases default view and monitor all employee purchase orders.

Filtering purchase orders

You can utilize and aggregate the available filters to quickly get the information you need about purchase orders at your company.

  1. In the Payhawk web portal, go to Purchases.

  2. Click on + Add filter.

  3. Select the criteria, enter the required values, if any, and click on Done.

  4. To further refine your search, add other filters by clicking + Add filter and adding the desired criteria in the same way.

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