We see that you are really getting the most out of Payhawk!  We love that!
Payhawk's expense categories is a very powerful tool.  They can support with the pre-accounting process automatization. Also, they enable faster and easier financial controlling.

Expense categories setup

We created a few categories to show you how they could look like. You can use these as a starting point. However, you should design them to fit your company's needs. 

Create an expense category

  • Go to Settings

  • On the left hand side menu select the Categories tab

  • Press the plus icon to create a new Category

  • Write a user-friendly name, the account code and the default VAT rate (if any).

For each category you can also create sub-categories by pressing the plus icon on the existing category

Edit Expense category

To edit expense categories, go find the category you want to edit and on the right click on the pen icon, edit the category and save it.

Delete Expense category

To delete expense categories just click the right click on the red cross icon. A prompt message will appear to confirm if you want to delete that expense category and all the sub-categories if any.

More questions? Feel free to ping us in the chat. ✍️

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