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We know that sometimes having the expense category and the employee's note is not enough information for each expense. Often, Accounting departments need the cost center information while the controlling team needs the Project ID. In order to solve this issue, we have created pre-defined and dynamic lists. 

Pre-defined lists

You can define lists with specific values and only these values can be selected. The best practice is to use these types of lists for information that will not be modified regularly, such as cost centers.

Payhawk uses custom fields to map them to classes and tracking categories from accounting integrations. Using an accounting integration - find out more here.

Dynamic lists

Labels enable a free text data entry. The user who is responsible for the data entry can enter free text. Or, if there were previous entries, select one of them. The best practice is to use these fields for dynamic data such as Projects or Trips.

To create a custom expense field follow these steps

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Expenses

  3. Click on the Add custom field

  4. Define the name of the custom field

  5. Chose whether you want pre-defined or dynamic values.

  6. Select the visibility of the field.

  7. Press Add

Voila 🎊

Now that you've created your custom field, you can add values to it:

  1. Select your custom expense field

  2. Add a value to it

  3. [Optional] Input an external id to be mapped to outside software

IMPORTANT: You can create main and sub-list items for the predifined lists. For example, you define Marketing as the main Cost center list item. You can then add Online and Offline marketing as two sub-list items. One of these two sub-list items will need to be entered.

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