Managing the custom expense fields

Add details for your company expenses by creating, adding values and sub-values, and importing and exporting custom expense fields in bulk.

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You can add more details to each company expense to help you better categorize it such as cost center, carbon emission category, project ID, and more.

Creating custom expense fields

To create a custom expense field in Payhawk:

  1. Log in to the Payhawk web portal.

  2. Go to the Settings > Expense fields > Custom fields section.

  3. Click on + Add field to add the new custom field.

  4. In the Add field dialog, provide the required details:

    • Field name, for example, Emissions Category 2.

    • Roles, that is, who will be able to view the custom expense field.

    • Whether the custom expense field will be displayed for specific expense categories. If so, choose the category from the drop-down list that will open after you toggle the Display custom field for specific categories option.

    • Whether the custom expense field will be required for submission, that is, whether employees will have to fill it in before they submit an expense.

    • Whether the custom expense field will be required for review, that is, whether the field will be required so that the expense can be marked as reviewed in the Suppliers app.

  5. Click on Add.

Adding values to custom expense fields

Now that a new custom expense field has been created, you can add its values.

Values are only available for custom expense fields of the predefined list or dynamic list types.

  1. Go to Settings > Expense fields.

  2. Select the desired expense field, for example, Emissions Category. Emissions Category is a predefined list type of custom expense field.

  3. Click on + Add value.

  4. In the dialog that opens, add the following details for the predefined value:

    • The value name.

    • (Optional) An external ID that will be mapped to your external accounting software.

    • The managers of the category by clicking on Edit.

  5. Close the dialog by clicking on X.

Adding sub-list values for predefined list field types

For pre-defined list field types, you can also create sub-list items in within the main list item by clicking the plus (+) sign against the value. For example:

  1. Define Marketing as the main Cost center list item.

  2. Add Online Marketing and Offline Marketing as its sub-list items.

Setting the automatic suggestion for custom expense fields

For more information about defining the suggestion strategy for your custom expense fields in Payhawk, see the articles about the automatic population of expense field data and the setting of supplier-, employee-, and team-driven expense categorization.

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