Exporting account statements

Learn how to export opening and closing balances and transaction details per period as PDF or MT940 account statements.

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Payhawk allows you to export your company expense data as PDF and MT940 account statements.

PDF account statement export

The Payhawk PDF account statement contains:

  • The opening and closing balances of each period for each Payhawk account.

  • Detailed information about the transactions through Payhawk - date, type (Card transaction, Bank transfer, or ATM withdrawal), description, paid amount, and the actual amount of the transaction.

  • Links to the corresponding expenses in Payhawk.

MT940 account statement export

MT940 is a specific SWIFT message type used by the SWIFT network to send and receive end-of-day bank account statements and can also be used to import statements into treasury systems.

The MT940 report contains all payments and deposits.

To avoid breaking the MT940 export into multiple files, use a maximum of 2,000 characters as a message length on input.

Generating account statements​

To generate your account statement:

  1. Log in to the Payhawk web portal.

  2. Go to the Export app.

  3. Click on the Export button.

  4. In the dialog that opens, select the desired pre-defined period or select the Custom period option and specify a date range.

  5. Under Format, select Account statement to export your data in PDF by clicking on the option.

    Alternatively, click on the MT 940 option to export your data as an MT940 account statement.

  6. Click on the Export [number] expense button.

As a result, the PDF or MT940 file is downloaded locally.

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