Unfortunately, if after all the reminders we send your administrators and the warning banner we display to your administrators you do not pay the unpaid credit balance by the due date, we will have to suspend your Payhawk services - both credit and debit accounts, if you also have such. This means that you will not be able to make any payments, card payments, or bank transfer payments from a debit account.

Your administrators will see a banner on top stating that "Payhawk account is temporarily disabled." Upon clicking on Resolve, they will get redirected to the Funds screen with the overdue credit account.

Your employees will see a message that payments are blocked and they need to contact the administrator. The error message will be shown on the Expenses screen and on the Cards screen.

The same message will be displayed in the mobile app on the cards screen.

The moment that Payhawk receives the due amount, your account services will be unsuspended.

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