If you have received an email response from our system with the following message "Your email does not have a valid DKIM signature" this means your email didn’t have a valid DKIM signature.

What is DKIM?

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a protocol that allows an organization to take responsibility for transmitting a message by signing it in a way that mailbox providers can verify (including Payhawk).

Using the DKIM protocol is one of the best ways to protect your company from targeted email attacks and fraud with invoices.

And why do we require it?

We want to be sure that the content of the email forwarded to us was not changed by a middleman. For example, someone to replace the attached file with changed bank details for the invoice.

How should I proceed?

  1. If the email was sent directly from your organisation, contact your company's IT department and ask them to enable the DKIM signature.

  2. If the original email was sent from outside your organisation and forwarded to Payhawk

    1. If you forwarded the email without modifying its content please contact the original sender and ask them to verify their DKIM signatures. It is the responsibility of the initial sender to properly sign their emails

    2. If during the forwarding process you modify the email content make sure you re-sign it. If this was the case check case 1 above

    3. In case your supplier doesn’t want or is unable to enable it please contact us via the Intercom. With your consent, we can whitelist the email of your trusted suppliers.

Need more help? Ping us on Intercom.

Your security is important to us!

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