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Validating your email with a DKIM signature
Validating your email with a DKIM signature

Learn how to validate your Receipts Mailbox email by passing the DKIM validation.

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You may have received an email response from the Payhawk system with the "Your email does not have a valid DKIM signature" message.

The reason for getting this email is that your email address doesn't have a valid DKIM signature.

About DKIM

The DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication protocol that allows an organization to take responsibility for transmitting a message by signing it in such a way that mailbox providers, including Payhawk, are able to verify it. For more information, see the proofpoint documentation.

Using the DKIM protocol is one of the best ways to protect your company from targeted email attacks and fraud with invoices.

Payhawk requires DKIM to guarantee that the content of the email forwarded to the system has not been changed by a middleman - for example, that someone hasn't changed the bank details of an attached invoice.

Next steps

If the email was sent directly from your organization, contact your IT department and ask them to enable the DKIM signature.

If the original email was sent from outside your organization and forwarded to Payhawk:

  1. If you forwarded the email without modifying its content, contact the original sender and ask them to verify their DKIM signatures. It is the responsibility of the initial sender to properly sign their emails.

  2. If you modify the content of the email during the forwarding process, make sure you re-sign it. To achieve this, contact your IT department.

  3. If your supplier doesn’t want or is unable to enable their DKIM signature, contact Payhawk through the chat or at and we will try to help.

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