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Validating your email with an SPF signature
Validating your email with an SPF signature

Learn how to validate your Receipts Mailbox email by passing the SPF validation.

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You may have received an email response from the Payhawk system with the The SPF signature of your email is not valid or is missing message.

The reason for getting this email is that your email address doesn't have a correct SPF signature.

About SPF

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication protocol that is used by domain owners to specify the email servers from which they send emails. In this way, domain owners increase the security level for these domains and fraudsters find it harder to spoof sender information.

Payhawk requires SPF to guarantee that your account won’t receive fraudulent emails from someone who pretends to be part of your organization.

Next steps

To handle the issue with the missing SPF validation of your email address, contact your IT department and ask them to enable the SPF signature for your email provider.

For example:

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