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Opening new Payhawk accounts
Onboarding checklist and technical setup at Payhawk
Onboarding checklist and technical setup at Payhawk

Get up and running with the Payhawk system and check the required steps for the technical kick-off and setup processes.

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Once the compliance checks and application process are completed, you can proceed with the steps for onboarding your Payhawk accounts.

Payhawk strives to keep the onboarding flow of actions as holistic as possible having account creation, compliance, and handover close to the actual implementation process so that you have a full overview of the required actions.

Overview of the onboarding process at Payhawk

Onboarding in Payhawk consists of the following steps:

  1. Kick-off (compliance-related)

  2. Implementation (technical setup).

  3. Go-live (handover-related)

The following image shows the three basic steps and the milestones to accommodate them.

Implementation checklist

To be seamlessly executed, the implementation step requires you to prepare specific data in advance of the technical kick-off call, complete some of the setup actions together with their Payhawk Implementation Manager, and process other configurations individually.

Technical kick-off

Before the technical kick-off call, you need to prepare the following:

Fill in the bulk import template with the G/L accounts and expense custom fields and the VAT or tax codes depending on the ERP system or accounting software you are using.

Prepare the required approval processes and spend policies for the different user groups.

Invite all future Payhawk administrators and accountants to the platform.

Send the first deposit to enable the issuing of cards later on.

If you want to connect Payhawk to your ERP system or accounting software, see the documentation about the supported live integrations and check for prerequisites.

Technical setup: shared steps

The following list summarizes the actions you need to perform together with your Payhawk Implementation Manager during the technical setup:

Create all relevant currency accounts.

Set up the native integration or accounting template.

Choose and configure the relevant expense types.

Configure the relevant approval workflows and spend policies.

Invite users to the implemented organizational structure.

Configure and issue cards.

Standardize the global usage through the multi-entity management setup.

Test the most relevant functionalities live to ensure the proper setup.

Technical setup: individual steps

The following list summarizes the actions you need to perform individually during the technical setup:

Build a live integration through the Payhawk Developer API.

(For marketplace integrations) Close the contract and set up the live integration through the third-party connectors.

Build reporting tools based on the Google Sheet marketplace solution or Payhawk export functionalities.

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