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Export views and export statuses
Export views and export statuses

Organize your exports with the default Payhawk views and view the export status of your expenses and payments.

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You can quickly navigate through the exports at your company with the default export views and view the export status of an expense in its history log and Export section.

Export views

For quick access to data reports, you can use the default views available for Payhawk accountants and administrators from the Export app:

  • My exports - Shows the exports you have initiated.

  • Company exports - Shows all exports initiated by you and other employees at the company.

Export statuses

The following table summarizes the available export statuses for expenses and payments in Payhawk.

Export status



The expense or payment has been successfully exported from the system.

Data unavailable

The export status of the expense or payment cannot be defined as the export history feature didn't exist before 1 February 2024.

Not completely exported

There are at least two objects (an expense and a payment) in the section. One of them has been successfully exported (Exported status) but the other has not been exported yet (Not exported status), the export was unsuccessful (Failed status), or the export status is unknown as the expense or the payment might have been exported before the activation of the export history feature (Data unavailable status).


The export of the expense or payment has failed due to some reason - for example, if the service period in Oracle NetSuite is locked.

Not exported

The expense or payment hasn't been exported yet.

For the specific behavior of the Exported and Failed export filters, see the note on export filters.

Viewing the export status and export details

You can view the export status and export details of an expense in its Export section. A quick view of the export status is shown for a selected expense when its Export section is collapsed.

To view additional export details, such as the ERP (accounting) system to which the data has been exported, external expense and payment ID, and hyperlinks to the exported payments and related fees, hover over the ? (question mark) icon of the expense.

You can also view details about the export of an expense, such as when and by whom it has been exported, from the history log of an expense.

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