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Overview of expenses for employees
Overview of expenses for employees

What expenses can I create in Payhawk? Does someone approve, review, and pay my mileage, per diems, and reimbursable expenses?

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You can create multiple types of expenses and submit expense requests for them by using the options in the Payhawk mobile app and web portal.

Types of expenses

The following table summarizes the expense types you can create and submit expense requests for in Payhawk.

Expense type

Expense details

Card expense

Expenses you have paid with your corporate card on behalf of your company.

Bank transfer

Company expenses that your company has to pay through a bank transfer.

Company cash

Company expenses you have paid with cash provided by your company.


Company expenses you have paid with your own money, which your company will return to you with a bank transfer.


  • Expenses for traveling with your vehicle on a company assignment, for example, when on a business trip with your car.

  • Mileage expenses are reimbursable.

Per diem

  • Expenses for travel-related costs on a company assignment, for example, hotel costs and daily allowance when staying overnight in a foreign country.

  • Per diem rates and rules vary based on the duration of stay and location.

  • Depending on your company policy and local legislation, per diems may be paid in advance or afterwards.

Notes on expenses

When you upload expenses in Payhawk, note the following:

Lifecycle of expenses for employees

Each expense in Payhawk goes through different stages starting from its automatic (for card transactions) or manual creation (for the other expense types) in the system until it's been processed by the authorized people at your company.

Payhawk administrators can additionally configure each step in the expense lifecycle at your company and the different people in your company may be assigned various roles. For example, employees may not be explicitly required to submit their expenses but be logged directly for approval, or a Team Manager may not have the right to approve bank transfer expenses for their team members but only per diems or mileages.

To learn more about the specifics of the expense lifecycle steps and what actions are available under each expense tab, see the overview article of expenses for accountants.

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