Let's get you started managing your expenses.

There are four types of expenses that you can do via the app:

  1. Card payment: Expenses you paid with your Payhawk card (physical or virtual)

  2. Bank transfer: Expenses that are due or paid through a bank transfer

  3. Company cash: Expenses you paid with company funds (cash or card)  

  4. Reimbursement: Expenses you paid with your private funds. For this type of expenses, you want to be reimbursed. 

The article below explains in detail the upload process for the different types of expenses. If you have questions we are here for you! Just ping us via the website. 

You don't have the app? No worries you can download it here!

Card payments

  • Card payments are created as Expenses automatically

  • Once there is a card payment, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone to submit the receipt

  • Open the Payhawk mobile app

  • Click on the expense

  • Your mobile camera will open

  • Take a picture of the receipt. You can also add an image from your gallery (in the case that you received the invoice over mail)

  • Payhawk automatically recognises the edge of the document. You can edit the cropping area by moving the edges or the whole crop frame. Confirm the crop area

  • Include the expense note

  • Enter an expense category. If you or one of your colleagues have bought from this supplier in the past, Payhawk will suggest you the right category 

Bank transfer, Company cash, Reimbursement

You can upload any expense you need to pay or have already paid through a bank transfer, company funds or personal funds. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Payhawk mobile app

  • Click on the Plus icon under your profile image

  • Select the type of expense you are uploading - Bank transfer, Company cash, or Reimbursement

  • Your phone camera will open

  • Take a picture of the invoice or receipt

  • Edit and confirm the crop area

  • Enter the currency and amount

  • Add a note of the expense (ex. dinner with the client)

  • Select expense category

  • Select a project/trip or cost center (if you have to)

  • Click on the green Check button to finalize the expense

More questions? Feel free to ping us on Intercom. 💳

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