Let's get started! So happy you are joining the Payhawk family. This might be a bit cumbersome process but, regulations are there for a reason and we'll try to help you as much as we can. In order to start your application please have handy several documents:

  • Electronic copy of identity card/ passport/ driver's license
  • IBAN information of your company's bank account from which you will wire funds to Payhawk
  • Name and email of all business owners who own 25% or more of the company

To start your application please follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the top of the menu and click on Apply Now
  • Verify the company details and include a valid delivery address 
  • Verify your identity by uploading an electronic copy of your identity card, passport, or driver's license and a live picture of you
  • Fill in the information of company's owners. Input the name, email, type of owner and share % of ALL shareholders with more than 25% of company's shares
  • Include the IBAN information of all bank accounts from which you want to load funds into your Payhawk account
  • Submit the application. Once you have submitted these documents we will get back to you shortly.

Questions? Please feel free to ping us on Intercom. 

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