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This article will explain in detail why you need to fill in an application form and provide us with detailed information about the company and the people who own it.

All financial services providers, whether banks or not, are bound by Anti-Money-Laundering regulations. Customer and company verification are a big part of it and ensure that Payhawk is not being used by criminal enterprises for money laundering or financing terrorist organizations. You can read more about EU regulations here. 

We understand that the application and verification process is cumbersome, however, it's a legal requirement to ensure that Payhawk and its financial partner are being used correctly and ethically.

Documents you need to provide: 

  • Copy of a valid ID (national identity card, passport, or driver's license)

  • Live picture 

  • Copy/picture of a utility bill or personal bank statement showing personal address less than 3 months old

  • An updated copy of the registry showing ownership of the company (if the commercial registry is not public) 

Who needs to provide these documents? 

  • Business owners who have 25% or more of the company's shares 

  • Individuals who exercise control over the management of the company, directors

We know this is very sensitive data. We handle all documents with complete confidentially and they are purely retained for legal purposes.  Please access here our privacy policy.

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