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Company spend policies affecting Payhawk cardholders
Company spend policies affecting Payhawk cardholders

What limits did my company set on my card? How can I see if my card was blocked for missing expense documents? How can I unblock my card?

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In the Payhawk context, spend policies make it easier for bigger companies to manage a lot of cards issued to their employees.

Spend policy rules and advanced card controls

The company spend policies are configurable and can be defined by the company-assigned Payhawk administrators. These policies define rules for spending the company funds that are available on the corporate cards of the employees and may affect you as a Payhawk cardholder if your card is included in a specific spend policy.

The rules and conditions for spend policies and the accompanying advanced card controls are summarized and explained in the overview article of spend policies for Payhawk administrators.

Even if your card is not included in a company spend policy, it is subject to rules that may affect your card spending. You can view your card spend limits as explained in this article.

Unblocking your Payhawk card

If the Auto-blocking cards option has been enabled as part of your company spend policy for your Payhawk card, you may get a message that your card is Blocked by policy. Basically, this means that you have too many old expenses which you have not submitted.

To unblock your Payhawk card, submit as many expenses as you can so that the expenses that are not yet submitted fall under the defined limit by your company. As a result, your card will be instantly unblocked.

To submit your expenses, follow the links from the notifications you have received as reminders, fill out all necessary fields, and submit the expenses for approval.

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