Check your corporate card availability, and request additional funds, new cards, or approval for ATM withdrawals. Learn where to view your PIN, how to freeze your card, and do other basic card operations as an employee.

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Activating your Payhawk cardHow can I start using my Payhawk cards and pay for company expenses? Where can I activate my physical or virtual cards?
Adding your Payhawk card to Google WalletCan I add my physical and virtual card to Google Wallet from the Payhawk mobile app? How can I pay with my card from Google Wallet?
Adding your Payhawk card to Apple Wallet and Apple WatchCan I add my physical and virtual card to Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch? Can I pay with my card from Apple Wallet and Apple Watch?
Naming your Payhawk cardCan I easily know which card I have to use for different expenses? How can I add names to my cards to view them quickly?
Locating the PIN code for your Payhawk cardWhere can I find my PIN? How can I use my card with a pincode? When do I have to enter my PIN?
Paying with your Payhawk cardHow can I pay with my virtual or physical card? Can I pay at self-service gas stations for gasoline, for car rentals, and in hotels?
Submitting and canceling card requestsAsk for a new physical or virtual card and submit or cancel your card request to your company approvers.
Submitting and canceling fund requestsHow can I ask for money from the company? Can I add more funds to my card? Can I cancel a request for additional funds I already sent?
Submitting and canceling ATM withdrawal requestsCan I draw money/cash from ATMs? How can I ask for money to draw at ATMs? Can I cancel a request for drawing money at ATMs I've sent?
Reporting fraudulent and unrecognized transactionsMy card is lost or stolen, what are my next steps? What to do if I don't know what I paid with my card/cannot recognize my card transaction?
3D secure protection for online VISA card paymentsCan I add Touch ID or Face ID security to my phone to use my cards? Can I approve or decline online payments from the Payhawk mobile app?
Company spend policies affecting Payhawk cardholdersWhat limits did my company set on my card? How can I see if my card was blocked for missing expense documents? How can I unblock my card?
Viewing monthly card limits and available fundsHow much money I can spend with my card every month? How much is available on my card now?
Travel insurance for Payhawk cardholdersWhat travel accidents are covered by my travel insurance as a cardholder? How can I file a claim from the Payhawk app or portal?
Push notifications for failed paymentsHow do I know if my card is frozen/blocked, closed, or inactive? Am I notified if the money on my card is not enough?