In most cases, expenses that are put in the same accounting category have the same VAT rate. By setting a default category VAT rate, you let Payhawk know which VAT Rate should be selected once an expense category is suggested by our computer vision.

Setting up default VAT rates is very simple:

  • Make sure you have VAT Rates enabled. You can read how to enable them here.

  • Go to Settings

  • Choose Categories

  • Select a category and press edit

  • From the VAT Rates drop-down choose the VAT rate that you want to be associated with the category.

Of course, there'll be exceptions to the general rule. Switching your expense VAT Rates happens with a single click.

Not seeing your VAT Rate in the dropdown? You can add new rates just as easily.

If you have any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly! 💳

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