Managing expense approvals can be tough. Different departments, amounts, and expense types might require different approvers before the invoice gets paid. You might even have an approval process for card payments, making sure that each transaction is a company expense before it's reviewed by your accounting team.

That's why we now allow you to define your workflows for each expense type.

Here's how:

  1. First, go to your Settings menu

  2. Click on the Workflows tab.

  3. Once you are here, you will see the ability to set a different approval process for each payment type:

    • Card payments

    • Bank transfers (due or paid via bank transfer)

    • Reimbursements (paid with personal funds)

    • Company cash (paid with company funds)

  4. For each payment type, you will see the corresponding actions, for which there is a legend on the right.

  5. For now, Accountants and Administrators are the responsible roles for the Review action, while Pay and Reimburse can be done by Administrators, Accountants or a Specific person.

  6. Click on "Edit"

  7. You can choose the respective role according to your workflow.

    1. Most companies opt for the Team manager role. That way, the expense will be approved according to the team structure you've set.

    2. You can also choose custom field manager (in the example these are Cost Center manager, Project manager and Supplier manager)

    3. Accountants or administrators (this means any of them)

    4. Any accountant

    5. Any administrator

    6. Specific person - you should select a particular person

    7. Multistep approval chain - This is your option, if you need threshold approval. After you select it, you can add as many additional steps as your policy demands.

Multistep approval chain

  1. When you choose Multilevel approval chain, you can add as many additional steps as your policy demands.

  2. You can then choose a threshold amount up to which a certain role or employee has to approve the expense.

  3. Define the role/employee (for the options see 7a to 7f above)

For the above example, any expense up to 100 will have to be approved by the Team manager only. If the expense amount is between 101 and 500 it will have to be approved by the Team manager and then Thomas Westerhoven. For any expense above 500, it will go through Team manager -> Thomas and then any administrator could give the final approval.

After you have defined your workflow,

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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