If your company uses an expense approval process, you can instantly send your expense request and we'll make sure it reaches the right person.

Here's how to do it in the web portal:

  1. First, you can upload an expense as usual

  2. Make sure all required fields such as Note, Category, Amount, and Currency are filled out.

  3. Click on Send for approval.
    This will automatically send the expense request to the corresponding approver.

  4. You can see that the status of the expense is changed - here you will be able to see who should approve the expense request.

  5. You can also view your request by going to your Inbox (on the top left menu)

  6. You can see all your unapproved expenses in the PENDING tab. Once they are approved, they move to the ALL tab.

  7. Each request contains the relevant information from the expense, incl. the Payment type, and the attached document.

  8. If you click on "Go to expense", you will be redirected to the Expense itself, so Approvers and Reviewers can check it

Here's how to submit a request in the mobile app:

  1. Submit an expense request from the mobile as you would create an expense.
    This will again send it to the respective approver.

  2. As an employee, you will also be able to see your requests in your Inbox.
    Those which are still not reviewed by the respective approver will be in PENDING and those approved/declined by the approver will be under the ALL tab.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us directly!

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