Payhawk allows you to keep your balances in sync without having to do extra work.

The only step is simply connecting Payhawk to your Business Central organization.

If you have been using Payhawk without Business Central, choose a period from which you'd like to synchronize your balances and we'll do the boring for you.

Payhawk will automatically import all bank transfers and transactions as bank transactions to your Business Central bank account.

For all future payments, as soon as a transaction or transfer gets settled, it will automatically be exported to Business Central. In this way, your balances will always be automatically synced in real-time. 🤑

If you have a card expense that is not reviewed, but its payment was settled. The bank statement for it will be automatically created, and the expense will appear on Business Central as a paid bill in the Payhawk General chart of account. This is a good indicator that there are expenses that are not reviewed.

Each statement line contains:

  • Date

  • Transaction type

  • Transaction description

  • Amount

  • Currency

With the automatic bank feed and the enriched Payhawk data, it takes only one click to reconcile your books.

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