Paying expenses in bulk

Pay your invoices in bulk and make bank transfers directly from your Payhawk account.

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You can select your outstanding company expenses and save time and effort by paying them in bulk.

Notes on paying expenses in bulk

  • Bulk reimbursable payments are grouped in a single bank transfer.

  • Bulk payments to suppliers are settled separately.

Paying bulk expenses

To pay your suppliers and invoices in bulk:

  1. Log in to the Payhawk web portal.

  2. Go to Expenses > Pay > Authorize.

  3. Hover over the icons of the required expenses, one at a time, and check the checkbox for each expense to select it for the bulk payment.

  4. On the right, a screen will summarize all selected expenses with their details and the final amount for the bulk payment.

  5. Check the details if needed and when ready to pay the bulk amount, click on the Pay [number of] expenses button.

  6. As a result, you will receive a push notification on your mobile phone.

    You may be required to enter your Payhawk security code or authenticate through Face ID or Touch ID if they have been enabled for the app.

    Then, you will see an overview of the payments about to be executed waiting for your confirmation. To authorize the bulk payment, click on Approve.

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