Paying bank transfer expenses

Pay your invoices and make bank transfers from your account in Payhawk directly from the web portal.

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Payhawk administrators can pay outstanding company invoices directly from the Payhawk web portal. This way, your organization can keep its payments for card transactions, cash purchases, and bank transfers in a single process.

People with the right to confirm details at your company can define whether the bank transfer needs to be executed immediately after its authorization or will be scheduled for automatic payment on a specific date or the expense due date.

Paying bank transfers set for immediate payment

To execute a bank transfer from Payhawk:

  1. Log in to the Payhawk web portal.

  2. Go to the Expenses > Pay > Authorize tab.

  3. Select the bank transfer you want to pay by clicking on it.

  4. If the payment execution method has been set to Pay now, click on Authorize. As a result, you'll receive a push notification from the Payhawk mobile app for authorizing the payment.

  5. Confirm the payment on your phone to execute.

Paying scheduled bank transfers

If a bank transfer has been authorized for a scheduled payment and is under the Pay > Scheduled tab, it will be automatically executed by the system if the funds in the respective currency account are sufficient on the scheduled day.

  • Scheduled payments will be executed at 12PM Bulgarian time (GMT+3) on the set day.

  • If the system has not been able to execute a scheduled payment due to insufficient funds, Payhawk will return the expense under the Pay > Authorize tab and display an error message.

If you still need to pay a scheduled bank transfer immediately or reschedule it, see the article on managing scheduled payments.

Partially paying expenses with bank transfers

Currently, it is not possible to partially pay a bank transfer expense and, later on, pay the remaining amount.

A possible workaround is to create a bank expense and adjust the total amount to reflect the partial payment you want to make. You can then process the payment with a note in the Note field stating Payment part 1 for example. When you later want to pay the remaining amount, you can create another bank transfer expense, attach the same invoice, adjust the amount to reflect the remaining balance, and, again, leave a note - for example, Payment part 2.

Another workaround is to split the expense into multiple line items and mark the already paid amount with a minus.

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