Reimbursing your employees

Reimburse your employees for expenses they have paid on behalf of your company with their own money from the Payhawk web portal.

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Payhawk provides options for you to reimburse your employees directly from the web portal. You can also save money and time and be more efficient by making reimbursable payments in bulk as well as editing the reimbursable details of an employee if required.

Making reimbursements

To reimburse an expense to an employee on the Payhawk web portal:

  1. Log in to your Payhawk account.

  2. Go to Expenses > Pay > Authorize.

  3. Select the reimbursable expense you want to pay by clicking on it. As a result, Payhawk will automatically load the reimbursement details provided by the employee.

  4. Click on Authorize. As a result, you'll receive a push notification to authorize the payment on your phone and execute the payment.

After the money leaves your Payhawk account, the employee will receive a push notification on their device informing them they have been reimbursed.

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