Subscriptions are a major part of the expenses and it's often difficult to keep track of who is paying what. Additionally, overtime subscription amounts change which makes it easy to miss an increase in the spending.

In the overview section, you could easily spot how much you've paid and how much you need to pay. Additionally, we've made sure to include what's the difference compared to the previous period you've paid.

In the subscription overview, each user can see all the subscriptions and their details

Here are some of the most important stats that Payhawk tracks per company and per subscription.

An administrator will see all the company subscriptions, whereas an employee would see only their own subscriptions.

  1. Total count

    Total count shows the number of subscriptions that the account has. This is specific to the role.

  2. Total amount

    The total amount that is currently paid for all the subscriptions that are tracked.

  3. Last 12 months

    The bar chart for the last 12 months shows how the subscriptions have changed over the past year. This is a visual cue to help you spot subscriptions that are slowly creeping.

  4. % change

    The change % displays what's the amount you've paid for the previous period compared to the current period.

  5. Upcoming payments

    In the upcoming payments, you can see all the payments that are expected to be paid in the corresponding month.

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