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Viewing and tracking your subscriptions
Viewing and tracking your subscriptions

Where can I see information on my upcoming recurring monthly payments? How can I keep track of my subscriptions on the card?

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Payhawk tracks your subscriptions, checks your card limits, and calculates the amount of upcoming spending for the month so that you can track your recurring payments in real-time.

Viewing subscriptions in the browser

To view your upcoming recurring payments from your corporate card:

  1. In the Payhawk web portal, go to Cards.

  2. Select the desired card by clicking on it.

    • If you have an upcoming recurring payment and the current disposable amount on your card is not enough, Payhawk will color the AVAILABLE amount in the Cards menu, and when you select the card, will display a warning.

    • If the top-up for your card is scheduled for a later period, you can request more funds to cover the amount for the upcoming subscription.

    To view all subscriptions that are related to this card, click on the Subscriptions tab.

Viewing subscriptions on mobile

You can also view your subscriptions on mobile if based on paid expenses:

  1. In the Payhawk mobile app, tap Expenses and view any payments that have the revolving icon in front of the amount.

  2. Tap the expense.

  3. In the subscription field, tap View details.

    While you can view the subscription, you can edit or remove it only from the Payhawk web portal.

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