Upon successful approval of your credit application, we will open the credit account for you with the approved credit line and you will be informed via an email notification.

When you log into the Payhawk portal in the Funds screen you will see your newly opened credit account with the approved credit line.

In the credit account details screen you can see the following information:

  • Credit limit is the amount of credit Payhawk has approved

  • Available is the credit amount you can still use given the credit card payments you have made

  • Spent this month shows the amount of credit you have utilized in the current month

  • Balance payment due date shows the date by which you must pay back the credit to Payhawk

  • Credit repayments shows a history of all credit repayments you made to Payhawk

If you already have debit accounts opened in EUR or GBP within the list of accounts you can distinguish the credit ones by the tag displayed next to them.

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