Managing your Payhawk credit cards

Issue Payhawk credit cards for your employees, search for and distinguish between debit and credit cards, and change cards' funding sources.

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The process for managing your corporate credit cards is almost identical to the one for debit cards.

Issuing Payhawk credit cards

In Payhawk, you can issue individual credit cards or create team credit cards in the same way you issue individual debit corporate cards or create debit team cards for employees sharing a card limit. Only you have to link your new employee or team card to a credit account (instead of a debit account) from the Funding source drop-down list.

Distinguishing between debit and credit cards in the system

If you have already issued debit cards, you need to be able to differentiate easily between your credit and debit cards from the UI of the system.

Payhawk offers the following labels that indicate whether the card is debit or credit:

  • Each card under the Cards or Team cards tab has a Debit or Credit label that is visible even if the card is not selected.

  • When a card is selected, a [currency] Debit account or [currency] Credit account label is displayed under the name of the cardholder.

  • The card details also render a Credit or Debit label under the name of the cardholder.

  • Employees can also distinguish between debit and credit cards through the Credit or Debit label displayed as part of the card details in the Payhawk mobile app.

Searching for debit or credit cards

You can search for debit or credit cards by using the search input field and typing in the credit or debit keywords respectively.

You can also use the + Add filter filtering functionality based on the funding source to list only credit or debit cards quickly.

Changing the funding source for a card

You can swiftly turn an existing debit card into a credit one (and vice versa) by updating its funding source.

  1. Go to Cards.

  2. Select the desired card by clicking on it.

  3. Click on its three dots menu and select the Change funding source option.

  4. In the dialog that opens, from the drop-down menu, select the type of account (debit or credit) and account currency.

  5. Click on Save changes.

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