Overview of credit funds

Learn what credit information you can view on your credit account acreen and manage your credit cards and expenses.

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Upon successful approval of your credit application, Payhawk will open the credit account for your business with the approved credit line and will inform you about this with an email notification.

When you log in to the Payhawk web portal, the Funds app will display your newly opened credit account with the approved credit line.

The following table summarizes the credit line information you can see on the credit account details screen.



Credit limit

The credit amount Payhawk has approved.


The credit amount you can still use given the credit card payments you have made.

Spent this month

The credit amount you have utilized during the current month.

Balance payment due date

The date by which you must pay back the credit to Payhawk.

Credit repayments tab

The history of all credit repayments you have made to Payhawk.

Settings tab

Allows you to set a threshold so that if the account balance falls under a specified amount, Payhawk will notify you over email.

To enable the email notification option, switch on the toggle button and define the desired threshold amount.

If you already have debit accounts opened in EUR or GBP within the list of accounts you can distinguish the credit ones by the tag displayed next to them.

Managing your credit expenses

In Payhawk, you can manage your credit expenses in the same way you manage your debit ones.

Managing your credit cards

In Payhawk, you can manage your credit cards in the same way you manage your debit ones.


For more information, see the article about paying utilized credits.

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