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Managing employees on a group level

View and invite employees, and learn how to edit user details with Payhawk's multi-entity management capability.

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The Group dashboard and multi-entity management capabilities in Payhawk allow you to manage your employees on a group level.

Using the Employees view

To access all your employee data in a centralized view, hover over the Group dashboard and click on Employees.

Group administrators can filter different views of their employees based on their status through the All, Active, and Invited tabs.

The Employees board also displays further information regarding:

  • The name of the employee.

  • The teams they are part of.

  • The entities they are part of.

  • Their roles in the respective entities.

  • The status of their account.

An employee can be part of multiple teams and entities, and can have different roles within different entities.

Inviting users to one and multiple accounts

You can invite a new employee to one or multiple entities:

  1. Click on the New button on the Employees dashboard.

  2. As a result, an Invite form will pop up, prompting the Group administrator to enter the employee’s e-mail address, and an entity to invite them to.

    Note that you can invite employees to multiple entities with different roles in each.

If you are managing your team structure on a Group level, you no longer need to add managers to multiple entities to approve requests coming from different entities.

Editing user details

To edit an employee’s details:

  1. Click on any individual user. As a result, a pop-up appears.

  2. Click on Edit and update the data you entered when you invited the user.

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