Using the Group dashboard analytics

Take advantage of advanced analytics to find out your teams and entities spending

Written by Borislav Deyanov
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The Group dashboard analytics data occupies the first section within the Group dashboard. By default, the metrics display your top spending teams and entities in the consolidated currency for a 6-month period.

Viewing the top-spending teams

In the top spending bar chart, you can see which teams, from all entities, have the highest spend.

  • By hovering over a team, for example, Finance, you’ll be able to see their spending, highlighted against other teams’ spending.

  • By hovering over any bar, a pop-up will display and associate the relevant team’s spending.

Viewing the top-spending entities

The top spending chart displays each entity’s spending relative to all other entities’ spending in a group.

  • By hovering over an entity, for example, Payhawk Spain Demo, you’ll see the relevant entity spending compared to other entities’ spend.

  • By hovering over any side of the chart, a pop-up will display and associate the relevant entity's spending.

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