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Managing expense documents on the web
Managing expense documents on the web

How can I see all documents uploaded to an expense on my computer? Can I add more documents to an expense or download an attached invoice?

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Payhawk provides a number of options for you to manage uploaded expense documents.

Switching between expense documents

If an expense has two or more expense documents that have been attached to it, you can view each file one by one by clicking on the up and down arrows under the expense document.

Switching the computer vision on and off

The Payhawk optical character recognition (OCR) tool is an artificial intelligence data-recognition software that reads the information on an expense document which has been uploaded to the system. Then, it automatically extracts and populates the expense data into the respective expense fields such as Document date, Document number, or Supplier to name a few.

The computer vision function shows the fields that are scanned by the OCR. To switch the computer vision for your expenses on or off, click on the Computer vision option under the expense document.

Switching off this option does not disable the automation itself, but only the display of the OCR text boxes, so that you can see the content of the document.

Zooming expense documents in and out

To zoom an expense document in or out, click on the + (plus) or - (minus) signs under the expense document.

Other actions available for expense documents

To use the other available options for managing your expense documents, click on the three dots menu of the file and use the following options:

Adding more documents to an expense

To upload a new expense document, select the Upload option and attach a document from your file system (see the image below).

Downloading the attached expense document

To download the expense document displayed on the screen, select the Download file option. You can find the downloaded file in your Downloads folder if this is the default destination (see the image below).

Rotating the expense document

To rotate the expense document left or right, select the Rotate Left or Rotate Right option respectively (see the image below).

Moving a wrongly attached expense document to the correct expense

If the expense document has been wrongly attached to that expense and you want to move it to the correct one, select the Move to another expense option. In the dialog that opens, select the expense to which you want to attach the document or directly create a new one (see the image below).

Deleting expense documents

To delete an expense document, select the Delete file option. In the dialog that opens, select the checkbox, and click on Delete to confirm your choice.

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