Merging expenses

Merge expenses that meet the system requirements and have a resulting expense that bears specific characteristics.

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On the submit, approve, and review steps of the expense lifecycle, you can merge expenses in Payhawk as long as the desired ones meet a set of requirements.

Requirements for expense merge

You can merge expenses in Payhawk that meet the following requirements:

  • Have not been reviewed.

  • Have the same expense currency.

  • Are of the same expense type.

  • Are not mileage or per diem.

  • Have no line items.

  • Are not subscriptions.

  • (For card expenses) Have the same payment currency.

  • (For card expenses) The sum of their total is not zero.

  • (For bank transfers and reimbursable) Have not been paid.

Expense merge output

After the merging, the resulting expense will have the following characteristics:

  • Its expense amount will be the sum of all selected expenses.

  • It will display all expense documents of the merged expenses.

  • Regardless of possible previous approvals of any merged expense, the approval status of the resulting expense will always be not submitted, that is, it will be located under the Submit tab (if the submit option has been enabled).

  • Its expense data, created date, and other details will be inherited from the topmost expense, which was displayed in the dialog to the right when you selected the expenses for merging.

Merging eligible expenses

To merge expenses that meet the requirements mentioned above:

  1. Log in to the Payhawk web portal.

  2. For this example, go to the Expenses > Submit tab.

  3. Mark the checkboxes of the desired expenses.

  4. In the dialog that opens to the right, mark the checkbox to confirm your choice.

  5. Click on Merge.

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