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Monitor, filter, and download your company expenses, and apply other accounting expense operations on a daily basis.

Overview of expenses for accountantsLearn about the features related to your company expenses in Payhawk.
Authorized and settled paymentsLearn why Payhawk exports only settled transactions to ERP systems like Xero, DUO (DATEV), Oracle NetSuite, QuickBooks Online, and more.
Approving and declining expensesCan I select many expenses and approve them at once in bulk? Can I decline, reject, or return (un)paid expenses to employees to correct?
Creating subscriptionsCan I add expenses to existing recurring card payments that employees owe to the same supplier every month? Can I delete subscriptions?
Deleting expensesHow can I delete unpaid or submitted expenses in Payhawk? Can I remove expenses I paid, reviewed, or approved?
Downloading expensesLearn how to download a snapshot of your company expenses from Payhawk.
Downloading payment confirmations for expensesHow can I confirm I made a payment to vendors? Can I download payment confirmations for paid expenses fro suppliers?
Filtering expenses and paymentsSort and organize your company expenses by filtering them based on document details, expense category, payment amount, and more criteria.
Marking expenses as paidMark your company expenses as paid one by one or in bulk and handle the payment externally.
Merging expensesMerge expenses that meet the system requirements and have a resulting expense that bears specific characteristics.
Returning expenses for reviewHow can I return reviewed expenses to reviewers to check them again?
Reviewing expensesLearn how to review expenses one by one or select multiple expenses with a single click and do a bulk review.
Saving and managing filtered expense viewsSee the default expense views, and save and manage views after you have filtered out the desired company expenses.
Scheduling paymentsSchedule bank transfer payments for a due date, for a specific date, or for immediate authorization and payment.
Splitting expenses into multiple line itemsLearn how to split an expense into multiple lines with a different category, custom field, tax rate, and team.
Viewing expense historyLearn how to see and show auditors the audit log for expenses and payments in Payhawk.