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Overview of accounting templates
Overview of accounting templates

Use the supported file formats in Payhawk as templates for exporting your expense and payment data to your ERP and accounting software.

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Payhawk uses its template builder engine to provide accounting and reporting templates for Excel and CSV file export.

For more information about the data exported from the Export app for accounting purposes and the data downloaded from the Expenses app for reporting purposes, see the overview of exporting expenses and payments at Payhawk.

Included data in the accounting templates

Payhawk administrators can enable the accounting export templates from the Settings app. Out of the box, the templates export the following data:

  • Expenses - Include all expenses that are paid either from your Payhawk account or the external ERP system or accounting software.

  • Payments - Include all card and bank transfer payments that were executed through your Payhawk account.

  • Deposits - Include all incoming bank transfers to your Payhawk account.

Available data for customization

The following table summarizes the available data in the export templates that can be customized.

Customizable elements

Configuration options

Sheets and files

  • Joining multiple values in a single cell (concatenation).

    • Prefixes and suffixes

    • Trailing characters

    • Leading characters

  • Restricting text size to be less than a specified length (field trimming).

  • Defining file headers and footer rows.

Individual cells

  • Date

    • Date format

    • Date delimiters

  • Amount

    • Decimal delimiter

    • Decimal places

    • Text literal for amount (debit credit)

  • Country format

    • ISO2

    • ISO3


  • Date filters

    • Created date

    • Document date

    • Service period

    • Review date

    • Settlement datе

  • Currency filters

    • Balance per number of balances

    • Debit

    • Credit

  • Status filters

    • Draft

    • Reviewed

    • Archived

    • Approved

    • Unapproved

    • Pending

    • Payment status (Unpaid, Pending, or Settled)

  • Expense categorization filters

    • Teams

    • Custom fields

    • Category

    • Document type

  • Expense type filters

    • Card

    • Bank

    • Reimbursement

    • Mileage

    • Per Diem

    • Cash

    • Cash in advance

If your company requires any customization of the accounting template data, contact the Payhawk Support team at

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