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Downloading payment confirmations for expenses
Downloading payment confirmations for expenses

How can I confirm I made a payment to vendors? Can I download payment confirmations for paid expenses fro suppliers?

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For each expense that's been paid (or marked as paid) you can download its payment confirmation document that includes the accounting details for the operation depending on the type of the paid expense.

For example, the notice of payment for card transactions will include the amount, the ID of the operation, and the payee card's last four digits; for bank transfers, the notice of payment will include the amount, the reference number of the transaction, and the payment details of the beneficiary and payee.

To download the payment confirmation for an expense:

  1. In the Payahawk web portal, go to Expenses > All tab.

  2. Select the desired expense by clicking on it.

  3. Click on its three dots menu and select the Download confirmation option. As a result, the file will be downloaded to your computer.

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