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Overview of the Payhawk-TravelPerk integration
Overview of the Payhawk-TravelPerk integration

Learn how expense documents for card payments and bank transfers are processed and matched. Get tips on the Pyahawk-TravelPerk connection.

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Payhawk is partnering with TravelPerk enabling you to stay on top of your business travels.

The existing integration between the two systems allows Payhawk to automatically retrieve and process the expense documents issued in your TravelPerk account from Payhawk. Depending on the type of payment, Payhawk will fetch and process the TravelPerk documents for bank transfers and card payments in different ways.

Matching documents for card payments

If the TravelPerk document is for a card payment, the system will seamlessly match it to the transaction and the cardholder. Regardless of whether the match was successful, the system will notify the respective recipients - that is, the cardholder and the Travel Expense Managers for this account or group, if any.

For more information about enabling document matching for card payments, see the section with prerequisites for card payments.

Matching documents for bank transfers

The existing integration between Payhawk and TravelPerk enables you to handle your weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly invoices in TravelPerk.

When you have documents for bank transfers, the integration will handle the matching between the systems in the following ways:

  • If the document is for a bank transfer and there is only one Travel Expense Manager, the system will find the entity and create an expense with this user as an expense owner.

  • If there are two or more Travel Expense Managers, the system will create an inbox triage notification to all of them.

  • If there are no selected Travel Expense Managers, the system will default to the Payhawk administrators as follows:

    • If the connection is on the multi-entity level, the system will notify all group Payhawk administrators.

    • If the connection is on a single entity, the system will notify all Payhawk administrators for this entity.

Tips and tricks on using Payhawk with TravelPerk

  • If you use your corporate Payhawk cards, you will be able to process the expense almost instantly and not wait until the end of the month (as is the case with bank transfer payments). This way, you will be able to leverage the Payhawk powerful approval workflows.

  • Appoint Travel Expense Managers and allow them to track and process documents for your TravelPerk payments. This way, you will be able to close the month faster and not rely on the employees submitting the expenses.

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