Payhawk helps you and your team save time so you can really focus on the important things.  However, first, you have to invite them! See below the steps you need to follow. 

Invite colleagues


There are three distinct role types within the Payhawk app. Depending on your team's needs you can assign them different roles: 

  1. Employee: has a card. They can upload and categorize expenses.

  2. Accountant: same rights as the employee plus they can manage expenses, export expense data, and see & edit the extracted data (this is only an option for customers on the Enterprise plan). 

  3. Administrator: same rights as the accountant, plus they can issue and close cards, change card limits, allow cash withdrawal, invite employees and manage Payhawk billing.

After the invitation

Once you send the invitations to your team members, you will see their status as "Pending" . Also, the "User name" is not filled yet. This means that the employee needs to create an account on Payhаwk.  

What does the invited employee see?

The team member you invited receives an email. Clicking on the "Start using Payhawk" button will lead them to the create a Payhawk account.

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